Hello and welcome! This is me, Steve, and the images on this website were photographed by me…

A bit about me...

I don’t have a romantic story about taking photos as a child with my dads Minolta film camera, although I do remember pretending to take photos. I started my creative journey with a paintbrush, a palette of acrylics and a blank canvas. I loved creating light and colour on subjects with paint and was particularly drawn towards Australian landscapes. I studied art all through school and won awards at local shows for my paintings.

Perhaps it is the Piscean in me or growing up on dads fishing boats combined with acrylics and oils that drew me towards photographing anything to do with water and dreamy Monet vanilla skies. Unlike most of us, water is forever changing and everlasting. Anyone who surfs will tell you that no two waves are the same. Without movement, fluidity, imagination and change we eventually become stale.

I discovered an appreciation for film photography and darkroom processing while at school and for years to follow my interest in photography grew into a passion.

In 2008 I finally purchased my first digital SLR, which enriched my creative juices. My kit consists of a Canon 5D II, a range of luxury model lenses such as the 17-40mm, 50mm, 100mm macro and a 70-200mm, along with a bunch of flashes and other great gadgets.

With this digital artillery at hand I began to venture into portrait photography and eventually wedding photography learning that there is just as much energy and emotion in the face of a bride as there is in the strongest wave. My collection of images should give you a feel for my style. I embrace a more candid photojournalistic and artistic approach with my photographs.

I am based in Hobart, Tasmania, and I love to travel. I regularly photograph weddings across the State and on occasion across Australia. If you are planning for a marriage overseas somewhere tropical or exotic, I am your photographer!

Just like a painting, a photograph enables you to carefully construct light and colour into an idea or a story and capture that moment before it is lost forever. This logic seems obvious, but is difficult to recreate. Hopefully, this gives some idea as to why I love photography so.

No two moments are the same. Allow me the privilege of helping you create your own story!