Steven Newham: Blog en-us (C) Steven Newham (Steven Newham) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:13:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:13:00 GMT Steven Newham: Blog 120 80 Megan and Chris The weather was well behaved for the wedding of Megan and Chris who married at the beautiful grounds of Josef Chromy Wines located in Relbia just south of Launceston, Tasmania. This happy couple were a joy to work with and couldn't keep their hands off of one another. The ninety guests and family witnessed the couple exchange vows along a picturesque waterfront and then were treated to amazing food and entertainment. I'm very privileged to have shared the day with this loving couple and wish them a wonderful life together...

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Sarah and Tim Mother Nature was turning on some spectacular weather on the North West coast of Tasmania for the wedding of Sarah and Tim. The couple married in an off the beaten track location that was secluded and tailored for an intimate gathering for close friends and family. We traveled from Table Cape to Boat Harbour along some scenic pastures and coast lines, finally ending our journey at Bruce's Cafe for yummy food, drink and entertainment. All the best guys and thanks for sharing your day with me...

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Nikki and Troy It was a cracker of a day for Nikki and Troy's wedding at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. The weather leading up to the wedding was touch and go but mother nature came through with her goods and provided plenty of warm sunshine. The happy couple celebrated and announced their commitment to sixty loving friends and family who were later treated with great food and entertainment at the Roaring Grill Restaurant in North Hobart. This happy couple were like two peas in a pod all day and it was such a pleasure to share time and good laughs with them throughout the day. I wish you all the best guys with your new chapter!

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The Overland Track Cradle Mountain is my favourite place in Tasmania, and for many years the Overland Track has been waiting on my bucket list. So as an early birthday present to myself, Piaf and I along with Ty, Tegan and Dave decided to hike the 80km track over 6 days carrying only what we needed to survive. The journey began at Dove Lake and up the steepest section of the track to Marions Lookout (1250m). From there onwards we soaked up the most amazing landscapes and were treated to perfect weather. The scenery kept changing and every track and forest was different. We were spoilt with spectacular sunsets, particularly at Kia Ora Hut, and the stars weren’t afraid to light up the night sky. We climbed the highest point in Tasmania (Mount Ossa) and witnessed clear 360 degree views. There are Huts along the way that offer cozy shelter, although we enjoyed sleeping in our tents and listening to Tasmanian Devils at night sniffing through the 1mm tent fabric trying to determine whether we were food. I hope my images inspire you to add this beautiful part of the world to your bucket list, or your lounge room wall as a 24x36 inch canvas print J

Made it!!!! It's been less than a week since we've been back, and already I can't wait to walk The Overland again...

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Susie and Bede Last weekend Susie and Bede tied the knot at Frogmore Creek Wines’ Cellar Door, which is a vineyard and restaurant located on the base of the foothills at the end of the Coal River Valley overlooking the picturesque Barilla Bay. More than one hundred and twenty guests witnessed the happy couple exchange vows amongst the lush grape vines, and then later all were treated to delicious local produce waited on by the amicable staff of Frogmore. It’s a privilege to capture images of the day rolling out, and as a photographer your senses are attuned to every detail as you observe and listen through the lens. I had the brief honour of getting to know Susie and Bede pre-wedding while surfing with the couple at Cloudy Bay. It’s not very often that you meet a couple that are so perfectly matched to one another. The amount of love, warmth, humour, respect and admiration that these two naturally display to each other is intoxicating and you can’t help but feel great about yourself when you’re in their presence. I wish you both a long and happy life together!


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Melly and Jeremy Today was Melly and Jeremy’s day to tie the knot in stunning style along the water’s edge at Fossil Cove, which is made up of beautiful fossil cliffs and a natural wave-cut rock arch. The Cove is located just south of Hobart through Blackmans Bay and down along a short ten minute bush walk. The tide dictated when the ceremony took place so timing was critical to access the rocky amphitheatre. The couple wed amongst an intimate gathering of close family and friends, just before the clouds burst with a gentle and considerate rain. Timing was everything today, and I am certain that there will be more great times ahead for Melly and Jeremy. All the best guys!

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Marika and Andreas Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing Marika and Andreas as they wed in traditional Greek style. The ceremony was held at the Greek Orthodox Church of St George in South Hobart. Up to a hundred family and friends witnessed what was an energetic and colourful day of celebration in authentic Greek fashion. We were treated to great food, drinks and magnificent views at the Glen Albyn Estate in Taroona, as well as plenty of dancing and music the Greek way…Opa!!!

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A Land of Ice Best holiday experience EVER was traveling around Iceland for three weeks. Borneo had been my number one for a while, but this enigmatic photographic wonderland of ice, aurora and volcanic energy has made it to the top of my favourite destinations list. There aren’t many places in the world where you can meet so many friendly people, have so much freedom to explore vivid landscapes under constant golden light, swim in geothermal and glacial waters, climb your way to the top of an ice glacier and down into an ice cave, and camp on an ice lagoon under the magnificent northern lights.

There is definitely something spiritual about this country that draws you in to its magical wonder and natural beauty. I hope my photographs do justice to this amazing land of ice, and I hope that they spark some sort of energy inside of you to go explore this perfect country. There are so many variations to explore Iceland. You can do the 'Golden Circle' road in a few days or you can hire a 4WD from Blue Car Rental in Reykjavik and drive around the ring road for as long as you like. We started travelling in early October and just missed out on having to use the compulsory spiked tyres. This was our trusty steed, which comfortably seated three passengers, a load of back packs and camera gear, camping equipment, food and wine... We found some great travel advice from Alex Cornell, which I highly recommend when planning your trip. Skogafoss waterfall can't be missed... There are unique roadside symbols that stand for 'point of interest' that will guide you to many hidden surprises. Iceland’s iconic Sólheimasandur plane crash, however, is a bit tricky to find. We were lucky enough to get some local advice... Our first night on the road was spent in southern Vik. After eating some burgers we exited the restaurant to find a strange 'movement' in the sky. I thought it was smoke from a chimney, but Han-Wei quickly pointed to me that it wasn't! We screamed up the hill to this church over-looking Vik and photographed our first aurora... The roads in Iceland are so photogenic! During the 3853 km of travelling we came across one pot-hole. Great roads and very safe. If you do decide to travel around the ring road you will find a section of road that appears to lead to the middle of the ocean, and there will be several minutes of doubt pouring through your mind. You'll see what I mean... The black sand beach near Vik features an amazing cliff of distinct basalt columns. Out in the sea are the basalt sea stacks called Reynisdrangar, which according to folklore were two trolls attempting to drag a ship to land but were turned into the basalt stacks as daylight broke... There are plenty of places to take an afternoon nap such as this lava field covered in moss... The Icelandic horses find it hilarious that they are classified as horses but are in fact as small as a pony... Fjaorargljufur is a canyon that is 100m deep and 2km long located in south east Iceland, and was formed over millions of years by melting glaciers and erosion. The canyon has a very elvish feel about it... Svartifoss Waterfall, located in Vatnajokull National Park, is surrounded by dark basalt lava columns... To experience Iceland means getting close to the ice, and the team at Glacier Guides in Skaftafell National Park were excellent at showing us around. It was my first attempt at climbing an ice glacier with cramp-ons and ice axes. I felt safe the entire time. Highly recommend! After a big day of ice climbing over glaciers and traversing into ice caves it was time to setup camp. We hired our tents, sleeping gear and cooking equipment from the lovely Delphine at Iceland Camping Equipment, which was very affordable, great quality and convenient... My most memorable experience in Iceland was camping on the Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon. It was just Han-Wei, Anna and myself eating pasta, drinking Italian wine and watching the bright and playful northern lights dance across the star scattered sky. At one point the cameras became such a distraction that they had to be switched off so we could just sit back and enjoy the show... The aurora was highly visible with the naked eye and peaked that night at a Level 3, 9 being the highest level...can you imagine that!  The following morning was just as peaceful and spectacular, and served as an inspiring way to begin the day... Just up the road is Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon where you can grab a warm bowl of mushroom soup while checking your emails and waiting for your name to be called out for a zodiac boat cruise on the lagoon. The zodiac gets right up close to the glacier and if you're lucky you might spot a seal. I thought this small iceberg looked like a prehistoric creature... The ice slowly makes its' way to the Norwegian Sea and washes up scattered across the black volcanic sand beaches... Everything spectacular to see is up for grabs in Iceland, and you can literally pull up next to the road and admire countless waterfalls and vibrant landscapes... As you approach the north of Iceland you can't miss Vogafjos Guesthouse in Myvatn. The accommodation is amazing, the food is divine, the service is world-class, and it's one of the few places where you can eat a bowl of muesli while viewing a cow milking. It's a great base location for exploring nearby. We loved it so much we stayed for three nights... Plenty of geothermal activity in Iceland. If you're prepared to hike there are a few places where you can swim in warm waters. Or if you're looking for easier access there is the Blue Lagoon near Reykjavik and the Nature Baths in Myvatn. Dettifoss Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Europe and is featured in the science fiction film Prometheus... Keep heading north of Dettifoss and you will come across Asbyrgi Canyon. This time of year the trees are changing colour and look as though they are setting the canyon ablaze with orange and yellows... At the northernmost point in Iceland is the Arctic Henge, which is a monument that was built for Pagan worshippers and acts as a large sundial aiming to capture the suns' rays to cast shadows and capture light between aligned gateways... A cave exploration of Lofthellir is worth experiencing. There are some tight sections to negotiate as you slide your way into the darkness of the lava cave to reach the natural ice sculptures that sing if you're still enough to hear them... Iceland is full of geothermal activity, and this wacky looking energy station is an engineering work of art... As you head West out of Myvatn you must stop at Godafoss Waterfall... Heading west certainly put our wet weather gear to the test as we entered the Western Fjord region, so we didn't feel bad about lodging at Tangahus Guesthouse and Hotel Foss at Patreksfjorour. This region is absolutely magnificent and on dry occasions is a photographer’s paradise... The Garoar BA 64 shipwreck is a 100 year old Norwegian whaling boat thought to be the oldest steel ship in Iceland, and it's way beached. It's beached as! The Shark Museum at Snaefellsnes is worth visiting where you can learn about the art and history of shark curing. You might want to hold your nose... We headed south along the east coast into Grundarfjorour to see Kirkjufell or better known as 'Church Mountain'. This area featured in a couple of scenes from the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty..."Stay cold pony boy!" I've been looking at images of this Mountain for years, which partly inspired me to travel to Iceland. To finally see it right in front of me, as well as now having my own image to look at, I felt reassured in knowing that anything can be accomplished if you want something strong enough… I hope you've enjoyed my very brief story of our experience in this amazing land of ice. If you can picture any of my images on your wall send me an email. There was so much more that we saw that isn't included here. My only advice to you is to visit this country and create your own story. You'll love it!

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Nicole and Ben Over the Easter weekend Nicole and Ben announced their commitment to one another in front of a hundred family and friends at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Brisbane. Nic was radiant and successfully lit up every space she entered, and Ben did so well to hold himself together for what was a very heart-warming ceremony. We were blessed with fine weather in the Botanical Gardens adjacent to the Hotel, and were spoilt with delicious food and entertainment for the remainder of the evening. Thank you for allowing me to share your day. I wish you both all the best of love and light in your new chapter together...

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Andy and Michelle Bicheno is situated on the wild and beautiful East Coast of Tassie, which is where I had the amazing privilege of photographing Andy and Michelle’s wedding shared with their lovely family and friends. The couple were married at the warm and hospitable Sandpiper Ocean Cottages located right on the beach only ten minutes from town. The weather in Bicheno is too good to be true and is home to the most beautiful beaches and friendliest of locals. It was the perfect place for such a lovely couple to exchange vows and announce their commitment to one another. I wish you both a long and happy life together, and thank you for allowing me to share your day with you.

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Kathryn and James This weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to the beautiful North Coast of Tassie to photograph Kathryn and James. The day began with perfect weather conditions out on a beautiful 12 acre property that belongs to Kathryn and James, and their three dogs, about six goats, roughly twelve geese, approximately six chooks, around ten guineafowl, a couple of horses and a cat. I’m sure I’ve missed a few others.

A 1967 HR Holden whisked Kathryn away to James and seventy-three guests who were waiting patiently at Squibbs Apple Orchard in Spreyton. After sipping on some cider and devouring a five-tiered wedding cake made from local cheeses and figs it was time for everyone to jump back on the bus and head to the Devonport Surf Club for a night of delicious food and entertainment.

Thanks again guys for sharing your day with me! I wish you all the best with your new chapter together!

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Brett and Michelle This weekend I had the honour of photographing the wedding of two of my dearest friends, Brett and Michelle. We didn’t have to travel far from Hobart to grab some great photos. We started at the stunning Islington Hotel, then ventured to the Waterworks Reserve through Ridgeway, and finally ended our trip in the Huon at The Apple Shed where we were treated with amazing fresh food, beautiful cider, great service and plenty of entertainment. I’ve never laughed so hard while taking photos. Brett was in fine form doing his best to misbehave for every photo while Michelle shrugged him off with a relaxed smile and graceful composure. I studied this pair the whole day and can happily say that they fit so well together. All the best guys!

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Five weeks in Asia In August-September this year Piaf and I along with two of our closest friends traveled through China for four weeks and then Boracay Island in the Philippines for a week. I'm a big fan of Kung fu movies and love the cinematography in films such as Hero and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, so I had high hopes of seeing something great and hopefully a Kung fu panda...

China flight planChina flight plan

Our first stop was China's Capital, Beijing. There are plenty of street markets to shop at and great restaurants to experience, and it is home to the worlds most mouth watering roast duck.

While in Beijing you have to see The Great Wall. Our van broke down along the way about an hour out of Beijing so we pushed it through a small village to safety and scouted around for a kind local to give us a lift to The Wall. I was expecting a bunch of stones and lots of rabbits on one side, but I was absolutely amazed at how magnificent this ancient monument is. It was a Great Day!

There is plenty of history and sights to absorb that are located within the heart of Beijing such as Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven at The Summer Palace, and The Forbidden City just to name a few.

After five days in Beijing it was time to move on to Xi'an, home of the famous Terracotta Warriors. These ancient statues were sculptured more than 2000 years ago and have been hiding buried underground, until 1974 when a farmer discovered them in his paddock while digging a hole. Scored!

Each warrior stands approx 180cm tall and takes 12 months for four dedicated people to carefully piece back together.

About 2500 statues have been found and successfully restored. Thousands more are waiting to be discovered.

About 120km out of Xi'an is Mount Hua Shan, or better known to the locals as "The Love Mountain". This spiritual sanctuary, perched almost 2200m high, was believed for the growth of many powerful herbal medicines and holds great religious significance to the Daoists. You can hike all the way up or catch a gondola most of the way.

In the heart of Xi'an you will find Chengqiang or "City Wall", which is one of the worlds oldest and widest historical walls.

The City Wall forms a cocoon of defensive around the city center and spans approx 14km in length. You can walk around the City Wall or hire a bicycle, which takes about an hour to enjoy 'comfortably'.

Xi'an was the former Capital City of China and is a hive of activity and yummy food stalls. The Muslim markets were interesting and a great place to practice your bargaining skills, and the City Wall at night looked awesome.

Our next stop was Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province and home of the great Panda.

Head out of town about 120km and you get to Leshan, which is home to a 71m stone statue known as Leshan Giant Buddha.

After five days in Chengdu we moved on to Zhangjiajie. The National Forest Park is the highlight and it is riddled with giant quartz-sandstone pillars that climb hundreds of meters into the clouds. These pillars gave inspiration to movie producers of Avatar.

From town we ascended into the clouds to Tianmen Mountain via gondola, which is claimed to be the longest passenger cableway in the world. At the top of the Mountain are many spectacular walks that suspend you against steep cliff faces, and you'll also find a very peaceful temple of worship.

Our next stop was Yangshuo County, home of the giant limestone pillars.

The highlight of Yangshuo is experiencing a peaceful paddle down the Yulong River on a bamboo raft.

We received great service at our hotel, awesome food and a magic view from our room.

There's plenty to do in Yangshuo such as white water rafting, Tai Chi and if you're lucky enough you might spot a cormorant fisherman on the Li River. These guys rely on their birds to catch the fish rather than use nets or line. The partnership between fisherman and bird is sophisticatedly balanced in an old school world.

The final part of our journey through China ended in Shanghai, which is a buzzing metropolis of bargain hunting, amazing food, charming French alleyways and colorful city lights.

Our four weeks in China was a giant roller coaster particularly on our digestive systems, so what better way to relax before heading home but to visit the breath taking Boracay Island in the Philippines. Out Hotel was parked right on the beach and served amazing cheap cocktails. Nothing is expensive or difficult to achieve on Boracay. You can sail around the Island in half a day and snorkel along the way.

You can learn how to kite surf or do what I did and complete a PADI scuba diving course in 29 degree water.


Or you can just sit on the beach and enjoy some magic sunsets while sipping on piña coladas. There are no rules...

So how would we sum up our five weeks in Asia? Oh what a feeling!!!

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Adam and Alex Last weekend I had the privilege of documenting the marriage of Adam and Alex in Cloudy Bay, Bruny Island just south of Hobart. The entire weekend was perfectly executed in such a way that all eighty guests left with precious memories of laughter, joy, love, great food and great company. I wish this happy couple all the best of love and light.

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Angie and Chris I recently had the pleasure of photographing Angie and Chris' big day on the beautiful North West coast of Tasmania. The weather was a big uncertainty but this lovely couple was absolutely certain on demonstrating their commitment to their many friends and family with a great wedding. I've never met a couple more meant for one another, and wish them all the best with their new adventure together.

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My nephew Adrian Last weekend I was up at Mount Tambourine with my Sister, Chris and their bub Adrian to catch up on some family time. But it was all about seeing the little man at 10 months of age. The first time I saw him he was only 3 months, and I was happily surprised during this visit at how quickly this bundle of joy and dribble had developed so rapidly in terms of physical strength, character, emotion and personality. Not to mention voice control. Adrian is really anxious to speak. You can see it in his eyes while you speak to him as he studies your mouth converting words and movement into sound with the upmost intent.

Lou is such an awesome mother. I am yet to fully understand and appreciate the inherent amount of patience and tenacity that comes with being a parent. Chris is a great dad, and it was so good to watch father and son bond.

Here are a few of my nephew Adrian…


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Our trip to Borneo In April-May this year Piaf and I were lucky enough to travel to Borneo for two weeks. It took us about 3 months to plan, book flights and accommodation,  which seems a long time only because it isn’t the easiest place to get to. It wasn't a simple matter of walking into a travel agent and booking a holiday. Trip Advisor was our saving grace when planning and the reviews online made it so easy. I really recommend this.

We started out by flying into Kota Kinabalu, which is like any big city when traveling - totally different to home and new experiences hiding behind the next corner. We based ourselves here for a under a week, but spend two of those days climbing 4095m up Mount Kinabalu.

The climb was the toughest workout of our lives, but so rewarding to conquer. We started out in 35oC heat when we left, reached the base camp in six hours at 3000m where we spent the night, got up at 2am for a further three hour climb in time to watch the sun rise in a 1oC environment. Then it was a slow decline to base camp, a quick breakfast, then a final five hour decent to the car. We burnt around 30,000 calories and our legs took about four days to recover so we could walk properly again, but wow it was fun!

The following days we visited a couple of orangutan rehabilitation centers to witness these powerful and playful yet innocent creatures and understand the pressures they face with the destruction of their natural habitats from increasing palm oil plantations. It was great to see the efforts employed by volunteers to look after these guys, but sad to learn the challenges they face.

We swam with turtles and bathed in the sun on Lankayan Island, which is a two hour speed boat ride away from everything. It's a tiny (mostly) self-sufficient Island that you can walk around in about twenty minutes or swim around in about one hour. The resort staff are excellent and you're treated with loads of amazing food. There were only 13 of us on the Island and no mobile phone coverage. How great is that!

The locals are lovely and we met some very cool travelers along the way. My favourite part of our trip was spending time at The Last Frontier in the Kinabatangan in amongst the rainforest and living up above the tree tops with the wild animals. In order to get to the tree top resort you need to climb 600 steps! When you've just completed a 4095m climb the last thing you want to do is climb again. At least that's what I thought. I lost count at 583 steps and loved everyone of them. The accommodation, food, hospitality, staff, boat cruise and jungle walk were all so amazing. If you never go to the Last Frontier you haven't really lived.














If you're looking for adventure, want to get out of your comfort zone but at the same time recharge your batteries, experience things up close in real life that you might only ever see on TV, my advice to you is to go to Borneo. You'll never forget this amazing place!

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